Hi and welcome.

I'm Krystal and I'm a minimalist. I actually didn't know what a minimalist was until I stumbled upon the movement by accident. When I read about the basic minimalist beliefs and experiences I immediately identified with them.

Less consumerism, less clutter, simplified living, and greater freedom. (Minimalism in a nutshell)

I have been moving toward a minimalistic lifestyle for a long time, but I'm by no means there yet. All areas of my life could use a little work, but change isn't easy and doesn't happen overnight.

I'm also a holistic nutritionist and health educater. My forays in the world of health have been less than stellar. The industry bothers me. It's flashy and full of empty promises. It's riddled with sleazy sales techniques, biased science, arguments over what diet is best, and disagreements over which letters behind your name matter.

I knew there was a better way, but I struggled to be heard above all the noise.

Minimalism is a way for me to step away from the traditional health industry all together. It's an arena where I can share my simple views on diet and the holistic lifestyle and be heard. 

So this blog is all about the minimalist diet, and because I believe in holism, I also discuss the importance of simplicity in all areas of your life. 

There is no outside advertising on this site. It's not riddled with unnecessary photos, links, and sales pitches. I want this health website to be free from distraction, so you can breathe, let go of stress, and focus on your health.

This website is for you, to help you find motivation so you can make healthy changes in your life. If you have any feedback or topic recommendations, please post them on The Blog or visit my Instagram page.

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