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What is The Minimalist Diet

What is The Minimalist Diet

Photo courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo

Photo courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo

I want to start by explaining that this is not a diet in the traditional sense. This is not a short term solution thats going to provide unreasonable results. This style of approaching food and health is a way of life. As with the minimalist lifestyle, the minimalist way of eating is long term and ongoing.

I have been involved in the health industry on and off for the past 5 years. I've studied nutrition, sold supplements, worked as a weight loss coach, and started various online ventures. Why we in the industry have taken something so simple as eating healthy and twisted it into a controversial complex knot that will take hundreds of years to untangle, then called it "nutrition" is beyond me.

The nutrition mess is frustrating for everyone. There is so much noise in the world of nutrition that I think most people just give up and eat what they want. I don't blame them. I've given up on my nutritionist dream a number of times.

Folks, I'm going to tell you something that dieticians, nutritional science, nutritionists, and the like aren't going to like very much. Eating healthy is simple and easy. There is no magic formula and frankly, besides the field of clinical nutrition, nutritionists shouldn't even exist. 

Due to modern advances in food technology like industrialized farming, processing, refining, organic chemistry, as well as psychological marketing, our food options have increased and we've become unable to separate our wants from our needs. Lobbying by the big agricultural associations hasn't helped matters either. Nor has our insatiable desire to consume everything spurred on by a crazy debt based economy. 

The minimalist movement is the perfect template for how we should eat, cook, shop, and organize our kitchens. It is a breath of fresh air in this chaotic world. I wholeheartedly embrace this movement and am applying the principals to all areas of my life.

Because I am so versed in nutrition I thought a great way to give back to my community was to remind you all that healthy eating was once ingrained in our psyche and that we can get back to that peaceful place and be in harmony with our food.

So here it goes.

In a nutshell the minimalist diet is about paring down our diets to basic whole foods. These foods are natural, live, and good quality, meaning they are, unprocessed, unrefined, contain live enzymes, and are nutrient dense. 

  • Natural - unprocessed & unrefined
  • Live - contain live enzymes
  • Quality - nutrient dense, grown in nutrient rich soils and free from harmful chemicals

Simply put, whole foods are grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and animal proteins. All one ingredient items. All in their original states and grown/raised with love.

They are not packaged, boxed, and covered with nutrition labels and fancy marketing. They are not deep fried in strange smelling oils or loaded with added sugars. They are not grown in dead soils, sprayed with vitamins to make up for it, then sprayed again with crazy chemicals to keep pests and weeds at bay. They definitely are not raised in unreasonably close quarters catching all variety of disease then force fed antibiotics and led to slaughter. 

The minimalist diet is the epitome of common sense people. I'm sure when you search your heart you know what you should and should not be eating. But we all need a little reminder and help overcoming the food addictions that plague us. 

So yes, the basics of the diet are simple, but as I'm sure you're thinking, it is not an easy diet to follow. It takes real gumshoe and, like the minimalist lifestyle, requires you to go against the norm. 

But minimalism is all about freedom, finding joy in your life and pursuing what makes you happy without any unnecessary obligations holding you back. So, eating a minimalist diet is very beneficial. It will provide you with energy and vitality, it can help save money to be invested elsewhere, and it will release those happy hormones that cause you to glow in all areas of your life.

I can teach you how to eat a minimalist diet and hopefully lend you support and motivation so you follow through.

My next post examines the minimalist diet in more detail and looks deeper into the minimalist lifestyle.

If you're already intrigued and are looking for simple ways to adopt a minimalist approach to eating, check out my 6 week email course that makes the process simple and easy to follow. 

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The Simple Way To Eat

The Simple Way To Eat