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Whole Foods Wednesday

Whole Foods Wednesday

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Wednesdays are now the official dedicated by me day to eat whole foods and only whole foods. The easiest way to start a whole foods lifestyle is to jump in with both feet and get dirty. Choosing one day a week to eat only whole foods and leave out the processed garbage is an easy goal to achieve and once you master Whole Foods Wednesdays it is only one small step towards Whole Foods Mondays….Whole Foods Tuesdays….Whole Foods Thursdays….before you know it, every day of the week will be a whole foods party!

Over the last few weeks I've been yammering away about the importance of choosing a whole foods diet, but it never occurred to me to lay out what this diet looks like. Are you confused? I know I would be. I'm sending out my apologies and fixing my oversight now.

A Whole Foods Diet is more than a diet, it's a lifestyle. Change will not be easy, which is why I'm suggesting Whole Foods Wednesdays. Setting small goals for yourself and your family will be the best way to create sustainable change. Personally I have been on my whole foods journey for more than 6 years and even though I'm a Holistic Nutritionist, I still have lifestyle and diet goals that I work towards so I can be the healthiest happiest me.

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1. Planning Planning Planning

When Wednesday arrives it is going to be helpful to have a plan. What are you going to eat for your meals and snacks? What groceries will you need to make these meals? How much are you going to spend? When will you find the time to cook? Where are you going to shop for the ingredients? If you show up for Whole Foods Wednesdays and you don't have an answer to these  questions it's going to be really tough to stick your commitment.

  • Start by deciding your budget, how much can you spend on food for Whole Foods Wednesday. When researching what you're going to eat and where you're going to shop make realistic choices that fit your budget.
    • This is going to take some time to master, so keep at it. You will find that whole foods aren't as expensive as you are led to believe.
  • Decide what you are going to eat on Whole Foods Wednesday.
    • A good starting point is George Mateljan's site.
    • Try something new each Wednesday, a new food, a new recipe, a new spice.
  • Write down all the ingredients you will need for your meals.
  • Choose a place to shop for your ingredients. 
  • Choose a time to cook the meals for Whole Foods Wednesday. You could prepare your breakfast, snacks, and lunch the evening before or the morning of and prepare your dinner afterwork. Find a schedule that will work for you and make time to nourish yourself.

2. Know How to Eat 

I compare peoples knowledge of how to eat to the driving of cars. All drivers think they can not only drive well, but they are in fact excellent drivers. When you get on the road and hear local accident reports it is apparent that this is not the case. The same goes for eating, we all think we know how to eat, but when you look at the statistics of illness directly related to diet and obesity it is clear that our society needs a little guidance in the how to eat category.

  • Focus your whole foods diet around vegetables. Put the most preparation time towards the vegetable dishes. Make your vegetables the star of your meal.
    • This is a toughy because North Americans love meat. When we talk about what we're having for dinner we say chicken, steak, ribs and the vegetables are an afterthought. 
    • Changing the focus of your meals will take time, but keep at it every Wednesday and you will create a new habit.
    • I will be posting quick methods to cook delicious meat dishes on Friday so stay tuned.
  • Your plate should be 50% vegetables & leafy greens (raw and lightly cooked). The remaining 50% should be split 25% for your proteins/fats and 25% for your whole grains/starches. There is no need to be exact, eyeballing your plate is fine.
  • Eat at least 3 meals a day, plan your largest meals before times of greatest exertion, avoid eating late at night, and always have healthy snacks on hand to ward off temptation.
  • Only eat until you are 80% full. The longest lived cultures on our planet eat this way; they actually consider overeating dangerous and socially inappropriate.(1) 
    • The best way to learn your body's "I'm Full" signal is to take your time to eat, don't eat when you're rushed, don't eat when you're preoccupied, and chew your food thoroughly enjoying every bite.
    • This is going to take some practice, but it will become easier over time.
  • Recognize that eating is more than fuelling our bodies. Food is ingrained in our cultures and our lives. It should be a pleasurable experience and for many eating is a social activity.
    • You do not have to eat foods you don't like! But, as you start introducing new foods to your diet you will find your tastes change. I recommend you try the foods you don't like again just to be sure. 
    • If you enjoy eating with your friends and family do it. Please ensure meal times are a time of peace; you and your family/guests should leave your worries and stress for later. 

3. Make a Commitment To Yourself

  • Dietary habits are the hardest to break because we can never stop eating. It will require a commitment and a little self love from you. Take some time now to make a commitment to eat only Whole Foods on Wednesdays and envision yourself sticking to your commitment. What is Wednesday going to look like? How are you going to feel? Play it all out in your mind.
  • The most successful people never break a commitment to themselves no matter what life throws at them. They stay strong and stick to their guns.
    • This is easier said than done, but of course practice makes perfect. Visualization is an invaluable tool for turning your goals into reality.

That is it, Whole Foods Wednesdays are as easy as 1, 2, 3. Plan your Wednesday, Know How to Eat, and Commit to Whole Foods Wednesdays. I can't wait to hear how your first Whole Foods Wednesday turns out. Tell me all about it by commenting below.

Head over to my Facebook Page on Wednesdays to hear what I'm cooking up!

When I release my premium training in early 2014 we will delve deeper into this topic. I will give you a step by step program to teach you the most effective way to integrate whole foods into your life. We will talk about preparing meals that are not only nutrient dense, but that you and your family will love. You will become part of a community of women who support and motivate each other towards success. As 2013 comes to a close I will be updating you with more details on the training and release date.


Krystal Bernier, Holistic Nutritionist

(1) Robbins, John. Healthy at 100. New York: Random House Publishing Group, 2007. Print.

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