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It's no Yolk! Eggs are the Perfect Food!

It's no Yolk! Eggs are the Perfect Food!

How did the eggs leave the highway?

They went through the Egg-sit!

What do you call a mischievous egg?

A practical yolker!

What do you get if a chicken lays an egg on top the barn?

An Egg-Roll!

Bad Rep

Unfortunately eggs have gained a bad rep due to their cholesterol content. (Which by the way, is necessary for life!) The increase of heart disease in North America has spurred an unhealthy fixation on the low fat diet. We have wrongly been told that cholesterol consumption contributes to heart disease, when in fact our bodies produce most of the cholesterol it needs. Eating cholesterol containing foods is not bad, but actually healthy because the body will not need to work as hard to produce cholesterol. (1)

Why Cholesterol is so Very Important (1)

  1. It provides the structural integrity of all the cells in our bodies
  2. It plays a role in cell to cell communication
  3. It is vital to the health of our brains
  4. It is the base of all hormones
  5. It is essential for creating bile
  6. It ensures our immune systems function properly
  7. It is involved in wound healing

Why are Eggs the Perfect Food (2),(3)

  1. They contain cholesterol, which is essential for life
  2. They are high in good quality easily absorbed protein
  3. They are high in folic acid, a b-vitamin lacking in our diets that is important for fetal development, red blood cell production, and has a fundamental role in the growth and reproduction of all cells
  4. They contain iodine, an essential nutrient for thyroid health and metabolism. Those of us who do not live by the ocean need all the extra iodine we can get.
  5. They contain the b-vitamin Choline, which is critical for fetal & child brain development and is integral to electrical transmission between nerves
  6. They also contain vitamins A, D, K, and E, as well as biotin and an array of minerals like iron, zinc, and selenium making them nutrient rich and a great contributor to overall health

Who Should Eat Eggs

  1. Pregnant women - eggs fulfill all nutritional requirements to ensure your baby grows healthy and strong, they are a must add to your pregnancy diet or breastfeeding diet
  2. Children - like baby's, children require all the nutrients found in eggs for healthy growth, eggs are great for kidshealth
  3. Everyone else - eggs are nutrient dense and everyone should include them in their diets

How to Choose the Perfect Egg

As with all animal products it is important to spend a little more money on your eggs. Ideally, look for eggs coming from free range hens raised at a local farm. Try your city's farmer's markets or look for egg delivery programs. If you are in the grocery store look for the words free range on the egg carton. Remember to read the fine print though, some eggs labelled as free range are actually lain by hens in a larger pen. The fine print usually points this out. Free range eggs are more money, but the nutrient per dollar cost makes the expenditure well worth it compared to conventional eggs. Not to mention the peace of mind you gain knowing the hen who provided you with the egg wasn't stuck in a cage.  

The Fresh Egg Cookbook

Looking for some fresh ideas to add eggs to your diet. Try The Fresh Egg Cookbook by Jennifer Trainer Thompson.

Intolerances to Eggs

It is important to note that eggs are one food that many people are intolerant to. If you or your child is experiencing food intolerance symptoms you may want to remove eggs from the diet to see if the those symptoms disappear. I will write future postings about allergenic foods and food intolerances because this is such an important issue for many families including my own. I do believe that poor digestion is directly linked food intolerances and if you heal the gut you can once again eat all good quality whole foods either on a rotational basis or whenever you would like.

Join the conversation below, how do you like your eggs?

Love and Happiness,

Krystal Bernier, Holistic Nutritionist

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