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Baby Bump Diary: Week 18

Baby Bump Diary: Week 18

Baby Bump Week 18



Feeling the baby was so cool. Many people have told me it feels like gas bubbles, but I disagree. I though it felt more like that involuntary muscle twitch you may occasionally get, but stronger and not as persistent. I do know it is the best feeling in the whole world and I'm thrilled to be growing a little person!

Since I felt the first kick, little B has been extremely active. He/she likes to kick in the morning and at night. Little B is a persistent little baby.


This week was a tad bit stressful and emotional. I didn't handle the change in birthing plans very well and I was so sure all that emotion and stress wasn't good for the baby. I took some time to reflect and realized a little emotion and stress really isn't going to have that big of an impact on little B's health. 

The best exercise for pregnant women is walking, it's low impact, cheap, and easy for anyone to do. I've been doing a great job getting outside, enjoying nature, and getting a little exercise at the same time.

Pregnancy Diet

Eggs were big for me this week, hence my It's No Yolk posting. As usual I loved fruit and ate lots of  it. Hopefully all those antioxidants and healthy nutrients from the fruit & eggs in my pregnancy diet are helping little B grow healthy and strong.

1st Prenatal Visit At The New Clinic

We are so happy with our hospital and maternity clinic choice. As a recap, I will be having my baby outside of Calgary at the High River Hospital. The doctor we saw was amazing and personable. She took the time to answer my questions and talk with me about what was happening in my pregnancy. We had a tour of the maternity ward and were very impressed with the staff, laid back environment, and the facility. This just goes to show that everything will work out for the best.

More good news, little B is still healthy and so am I :-)

The Baby's Room

Mr. B and I have slowly started on the nursery. We were very fortunate to have a crib and change table given to us. We put the spare bed in the basement and set up our new used baby furniture. I decided on a moose themed room a few months back, so I painted some cute Moose pictures for little B. You can see the crib and paintings in this week's pregnancy picture.

How would you describe the first time you felt your baby kick? Join the conversation below.

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Love and Happiness,

Krystal Bernier, Holistic Nutritionist

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