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Baby Bump Diary: Week 22

Baby Bump Diary: Week 22

What's Up With Little B

  • 8"/24cm long and weighs about 1 lb.
  • Little B is looking like a newborn baby
  • Eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes are all developed, but still lacking pigment
  • Little B has been kicking all the time this week


Not much news to report this week. We made it back to Calgary safely after a relaxing visit with my family.


I promised last week I would write an article on dental hygiene and managing bleeding gums, stay tuned for this later in the week.

I have had some hip pain this week. After talking to my doctor, I learned that hormones are causing my ligaments to loosen and my hips to widen to accommodate little B. I found that exercise helps to manage the pain. I will write an article this weekend about this painful symptom of pregnancy.

I finally made it to the pool and I love it. Swimming is a fun low impact exercise while pregnant. I plan to go to the pool twice a week throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.

I talked with the doctor about my tilted uterus and whether I should worry about a breeched baby. My doctor assured me I had nothing to worry about. Babies move lots throughout pregnancy and a tilted uterus is not related to babies being breeched.

Pregnancy Diet

I've been really hungry the past week.

Vitamin C has been an important part of my diet to help with bleeding gums. 

Preparing For Baby

Last week I promised an article to help you plan the necessities you will need for your baby. This article is still in the works so stay tuned!

This week Mr. B and I checked out strollers and picked out one that suites our lifestyle. It will be a little pricy because it has attachments to turn into a carriage behind the bike, a jogger, or x-country ski towable, which is perfect for our lifestyle. We haven't spent much on baby things up to this point, so we've decided to make the investment. I will go back and purchase the stroller closer to little B's due date.

We also picked up a playpen really cheap. I plan to use the playpen as a bassinet in my room for the first couple weeks after little B is born, for camping, and around the yard. Mr. B and I spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer so I think this is a good purchase for us. We managed to find a used on that has two levels, a change table, and a tent to keep out bugs and weather.

Final Notes

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Love and Happiness,

Krystal Bernier, Holistic Nutritionist

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