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4 Mistakes That Will Cause Your Gums To Bleed During Pregnancy

4 Mistakes That Will Cause Your Gums To Bleed During Pregnancy

Thank you for visiting my site. As you poke around a bit you will notice there are some inconsistencies. This article being one of them. I am a Holistic Nutritionist, but the birth of my daughter caused me to take stalk of my passions and I made the hard decision to leave the health and wellness industry. The articles I wrote during my time as a health and wellness entrepreneur are still valid and I hope they help you with your pregnancies. But my true passion and calling lies in writing and reading fiction. If you are looking for some great books to read, check out the reviews on this site. If you would like to read my first manuscript as I write it, sign up for my newsletter. I will be sending out each chapter as I write it starting Fall 2015.

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You Don't Have To Accept Bleeding Gums

You're pregnant and brushing your teeth when a nasty metallic taste fills your mouth. You immediately spit and yuck!, it's pink.

You did not wake up a vampire!

Bleeding gums is common during pregnancy and even those with the best dental hygiene can succumb to this crimson little problem. Essentially our increased estrogen production causes gums to become soft, swollen, and prone to bleeding.

There could be some mistakes you are making that contribute to bleeding gums though.

But, have no fear!

There are ways you can correct these mistakes and hopefully have a glorious mouth filled with healthy gums. (sans vampire fangs!)

Mistake 1: You Haven't Been To The Dentist/Hygienist

If you are trying to conceive it is important you take a little trip to the dentist as part of the preparing your body for pregnancy process. Dentists don't recommend many procedures like fillings and x-rays during pregnancy, so taking care of these issues before you are pregnant is important.

If you are already pregnant you should still go to your regularly scheduled cleaning appointments. I personally visit my hygienist twice a year. I do recommend holding off on fluoride treatments until you are done breastfeeding. 

Mistake 2: You Haven't Been Flossing Regularly

This is so obvious but easy to overlook. Flossing is important because it cleans any food that is stuck in your gums as well as allows oxygen to circulate under your gums.

Making a point to floss daily throughout your pregnancy (and beyond) is the first step towards 

Mistake 3: You Haven't Been Eating Enough Vitamin C Containing Foods

Vitamin C is vital to the health of your gums because it is an antioxidant and is essential to building connective tissue within the body. Did you know that the fist sign of Scurvy (aka vitamin C deficiency) is bleeding gums?

Throughout your pregnancy ensure you eat at least 2 vitamin C containing foods daily.

Vitamin C Containing Foods!.jpg

Mistake 4: You Haven't Been Eating Enough Calcium Containing Foods

Studies have linked calcium deficiency to gum disease. During pregnancy our calcium needs increase because our little baby needs calcium to build healthy bones. If we are not intaking enough calcium to satisfy our baby's appetite our body will pull calcium from our teeth and bones causing cavities and gum bleeding.

Eat at least 2 servings of calcium containing foods every day throughout your pregnancy.

Final Notes

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Love and Happiness,

Krystal Bernier, Holistic Nutritionist

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