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How To Remain Sharp & Avoid Mommy Brain During Pregnancy

How To Remain Sharp & Avoid Mommy Brain During Pregnancy

Thank you for visiting my site. As you poke around a bit you will notice there are some inconsistencies. This article being one of them. I am a Holistic Nutritionist, but the birth of my daughter caused me to take stalk of my passions and I made the hard decision to leave the health and wellness industry. The articles I wrote during my time as a health and wellness entrepreneur are still valid and I hope they help you with your pregnancy. But my true passion and calling lies in writing and reading fiction. If you are looking for some great books to read, check out the reviews on this site. If you would like to read my first manuscript as I write it, sign up for my newsletter. I will be sending out each chapter as I write it starting Fall 2015.

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My Silliest Mommy Brained Moment

I've had a couple of embarrassing mommy brain instances throughout my pregnancy. My worst lapse in brain function was a few weeks ago when I was heading to work. I shut the door behind me, reached in my pocket for my keys, and oops, they weren't there. OMG, it's -15°C, I've locked myself out of the house, and I don't have car keys. Thankfully I had my purse and my phone. So, I phoned Mr. B, took the train to downtown Calgary, and met him at a restaurant so he could give me his key. I missed work that day because all this took "only" 2 hours to do and my shift was 3 hours.

When I got home and opened the door and my keys weren't in their spot. Where could they be? I looked high and low, then I thought to myself "No, they couldn't be." I opened my purse and sure enough there they were. In my purse the whole time, which I had with me when I locked myself out. All I could do was laugh. (If Mr. B is reading this, it is the first time he will find out that I had my keys the whole time lol!)

I want to save you these embarrassing moments of silliness, so I've found some great ways to help avoid the infamous Mommy Brain. I also included depression, because both symptoms are so closely related. I'm going to put these tips to the test myself :-)

Cause Of Mommy Brain And Depression During And After Pregnancy

Mommy brain and depression afflicts many women throughout their pregnancies and after. It is believed the number one contributing cause is a mother's DHA being pulled from her brain to build up baby's brain. This transfer of DHA from mother to child happens 10x faster than the mother's body can synthesize DHA. A mother's brain mass lost may be upwards of 3%. This loss of brain mass is linked to memory loss and depression. (1)(2)

Fluctuating hormones and lack of sleep are also a big contributor to absent mindedness and depression. 

What Is DHA?

One nutrient our bodies create from Omega-3 fatty acids is DHA (docosahexonic acid). DHA is known to be the main nutrient that supports the brain and cognitive function. The best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids that will break down into DHA are cod liver oil, fatty fish, and grass fed meats. (1)(2)

Tips To Help Mommy Brain And Depression


  1. Before, during, and after your pregnancy supplement with cod liver oil. I highly recommend Green Pastures high nutrient cod liver oil. Take 2-4 tsp. per day.
  2. Eat good quality oily fish and grass fed animal meats before, during, and after your pregnancy. (see below)
  3. Eat a good quality nutrient dense whole foods diet before, during, and after your pregnancy. Intaking a good amount of nutrients will help balance your hormones. Whole foods are 1 ingredient items that come from nature: vegetables, fruits, animal meats & butter, poultry & eggs, whole grains, legumes/lentils/beans, and nuts & seeds. Good quality means not processed and free from harmful chemicals and toxins.
  4. Do not eat the Top 10 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy. (Especially soy, which is an endocrine disruptor)


  1. Get plenty of exercise before/during/after pregnancy. Exercise releases all those happy hormones that will help lessen depression and support good cognitive function.
  2. Get plenty of sleep. If you're struggling with insomnia ensure you take time to nap during the day. Set a time to go bed each night, don't bring electronics to the bedroom, and wind down via a warm bath, cup of tea, or avoiding television an hour before bed. Obviously a tired brain isn't operating at it's full potential.
  3. Have a support network, someone to talk to, when you are depressed, or to simply laugh with you at your absentmindedness. Support always makes things better!
  4. Consider Acupuncture, which has been used for hundreds of years to treat depression.

What are your most embarrassing Mommy Brain or Hormonal moments? Join the conversation and comment below!

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Love and Happiness,

Krystal Bernier, Holistic Nutritionist


(1) Natural Baby - Healthy Child

(2) The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care

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