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Baby Bump Diary: Week 23

Baby Bump Diary: Week 23

What's Up With Little B

  • Little B is kicking and squirming lots and lots, which is fun, but has been keeping me awake
  • Measures about 11.4"/29cm
  • Little B's hearing is perfecto. (S)he can make out my voice and hear my organs working away inside. I think it's time to start introducing my little one to Cyndi Lauper!
  • Her/his lungs are now developing to prepare for breathing


Again not much going on news wise. I'm loving the second trimester, feeling good, and really looking forward for spring to show her pretty side.


I'm feeling really good, all joint pain has dissipated. My little B has been very very active the last couple of days. The other night I got no sleep because (s)he was moving around and squirming so much. This leads to some pretty strange dreams, but that is another story. I've been going to the pool, which I absolutely love, it feels good to have a found an exercise I enjoy :-)

Pregnancy Diet

I'm still super hungry, but managing to make wise diet decisions. I've been focusing on eating leafy greens this week for their vitamin K content and because I love them so much. Food has been very simple lately because for some reason I don't feel like cooking. Mr. B doesn't mind though, I think he likes the simple meals better than when I make a big extravaganza out of cooking.

Preparing For Baby

After all the preparation last week, I've done nothing to prepare for little B's arrival. I have however started asking other moms their pregnancy stories. I think talking with other moms is the best way to learn about pregnancy and birth. So I've asked a few friends to write down their stories and give any pregnancy hacks they would have like to know. I will be releasing this compilation in late April.

Final Notes

As you know MOMMY-NESS is a business. If you like the free high quality information I provide please let three of your friends know about the site. Sounds like a fair trade right! Find some pregnant ladies and let them know about first trimester month, I will ensure they feel prepared to move on to the next stage of pregnancy.

Love and Happiness,

Krystal Bernier, Holistic Nutritionist

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