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Four Things I Wish I Knew During My First Pregnancy

Four Things I Wish I Knew During My First Pregnancy

Guest Posting By Tina Prost

I have three beautiful sons, ages 20 months, 6 years and 9 years old.  Each of my pregnancies were different. I learned four things throughout my pregnancies that I wish I knew when I was pregnant with my first.

1. Morning Sickness Doesn't Last Forever!

The morning sickness WILL go away...but when, does vary.  During my first pregnancy, it was the morning of week twelve when I once again felt great and back to my old self.  With my second, he made me wait until 16 weeks. During my third pregnancy, I started feeling better longer into the day starting at twelve weeks, but I didn't feel 100% again until week 14.  

I found having something near by at all times to snack on was a life saver. My go to snacks were Berry Kix, granola bars, graham crackers, or applesauce.  The point is having food in your stomach can really help.  It won't make you feel like your old self, but it will keep that queasy, pregnant stomach under control.  

2. Some Women Will Experience Implantation Cramping

That pin prick feeling was the baby implanting.  The first time I felt it was at work and I told a co-worker (who was a mother). Without missing a beat she said "Oh your pregnant".  I didn't know it at the time but she was right. I felt this throughout all three pregnancies. It was my first real moment with my baby long before I would ever feel him move and I treasure each one of those moments.

3. You Will Become Picky With Food

What should I eat, what can't I eat...what am I ABLE to eat?  Just because I was craving milk and ice cream didn't mean my now pregnant body would like it. With my oldest it was raw apples, couldn't touch them but we LOVED to eat veggies of every kind.  With my second again I couldn't eat raw apples but we LOVED pizza. With my third as I mentioned above NO milk.  I could do a little cream in my coffee, maybe a slice of cheese on my sandwich but if it was anything more then that I felt horrible for a good while later.  

4. Don't Get Overwhelmed

SO many questions...what will labor be like, how do I know what bottle to get, how do I want to feed this little person, when should I register, where should I register, when do I call the Dr., when do I tell people, how should I tell people? And these are just a few of the questions that may be running through your head. Overwhelm with all the advice you get, no matter how well meaning, can be frustrating, confusing and annoying.  Keep in mind people are excited for you and this new little person. They want to share in your pregnancy in some small way by sharing their experiences and what they know.  However, the number one thing to realize is that you are the mom now.  You get to make the decisions for you and your baby and you will know in your heart the best action to take no matter the situation.  

Tina Prost

I am a wife, mother to three fabulous boys, and an Interior Designer.  I nursed all three of my boys and after the birth of my third son I still struggled to find a room other then a private bathroom to pump in while away from my baby.  I decided it was time to use my skills as an Interior Designer to bring them to the workplace and to conference centers.  I re-branded my business and started TRP Design Group in 2014 where I specialize in helping mothers ask for these spaces and businesses to provide them.  I can be found at

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