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3 Tips I Learned During My First Pregnancy

3 Tips I Learned During My First Pregnancy

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Guest Post By Anne Ricci

I was on a business trip in Seoul, South Korea, when I started to feel some pain in my lower belly. I thought the reason was Korean food; spicy fermented cabbage and raw garlic are not especially easy to digest.

I had never had this type of pain before; could this be that I was pregnant? Back home, the light pain had disappeared; I went to the laboratory, and YES! I was pregnant. It was such a joy to me and to my husband.

The first trimester was wonderful because I kept fantasizing about our future baby. I started to have very strong food cravings. I was obsessed with having a large basket full of fresh fruit at all times. And I ate large quantities of lettuce every day. It felt so good to my body! So, my first tip is to listen to your cravings: your body is telling you what it needs.

I also had nausea quite often, and I found a great remedy that worked like a charm: blue Roquefort cheese. This helped me get rid of nausea in 5 minutes like nothing else.

I was also very tired during all of the first trimester. I came back from my corporate job completely exhausted and I was in bed by 8.30pm every day. My second tip is to go to bed early if you are tired. Again, you want to listen to your body and get as much sleep as you need.

The second trimester I still had all those healthy food cravings but I was no longer tired all the time, and it was great. I was still traveling a lot for my job, and baby boy was already a globetrotter: Rumania, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Spain… borscht, falafel and tapas on the menu! I was really enjoying my pregnancy and it was my best trimester.

During the third trimester I was quite tired again and the summer heat didn't help. I remember lying on my bed, the head 10 inches from the open window, lying still and trying to forget that it was SO hot.

What was really cool is that we had been going to haptonomy sessions, so I was now communicating quite a lot with my baby, and this was an immense joy every single day.

Then, during the last 2 months of my pregnancy, I was quite anxious about the delivery. I was really excited and wanted to see my baby, but I was fearful because I didn't know what would happen. It's a fear that all women have at some point, and here is my third tip: towards the end of your pregnancy, find a friend who has had a great experience and ask her all the details of what happens when you give birth. It will really help you keep your fears under control.

I would say that my first pregnancy was an amazing, joyful experience, and I wish you too will enjoy yours fully.

Anne Ricci

Anne Ricci is a nutrition and weight loss specialist and mom of 2 boys. On her blog,, she helps women make the right food choices so they can have the thin and healthy body that they deserve. 

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