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Baby Bump Diary: Week 30

Baby Bump Diary: Week 30

What's Up With Little B

  • Little B is about 15.7"/40cm long and growing
  • (S)he is opening and closing his/her eyes and probably able to see what's going on in utero
  • His/her digestive tract and lungs are almost fully developed


I had a great doctor's visit last week. I learned that my weight has been going up parallel to the average pregnant woman's weight, but that I am well under the average weight of a pregnant woman. This isn't a bad thing, the doctor says I'm very healthy.

Because I've been getting many comments about carrying small, I asked the doctor how my uterus measurements compare. I have consistently measured 1 cm smaller than the average women throughout my entire pregnancy. Again this is okay and I'm perfectly healthy.

I have been worrying about natural birth in a hospital, so I had a good conversation with my doctor. He assured me that I am able to walk around freely, have a shower/bath, drink fluids, and give birth on my own time in a position that is comfortable for me. I forgot to ask if I can eat, but have already decided to eat if I need nourishment regardless of hospital policy. He also assured me that they would do their best not to intervene and they limit any physical examinations. For the most part the nurses will be monitoring my progress and will call the doctor in only if there is a problem or when the time comes to push.

My team of doctors follows the Canadian guidelines for active labor, which starts when I'm about 3-4 cm dilated. They expect that I dilate half a centimetre every hour over a four hour period. Because the average woman's is in active labor with her first child for about 8-12 hours this should give ample time. 


The last few weeks have once again been great, I'm much too cheerful of a pregnant woman, lol! I do have the same aches and pains, especially in my lower back. I have found however that sitting still aggravates my body the most. So I do plenty of walking and stretching to counter balance any still time. This helps immensely.

Pregnancy Diet

I still don't have any weird cravings besides sugar. Before eating sugary treats I try to have a piece of fruit first to see if my craving goes away. This works most of the time. Other than that, I'm still eating a healthy whole foods diet with lots of colour and variety.

Preparing For Baby

My due date is looming and I've been focsed on preparing myself for childbirth. I recently read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. I can't recommend this book enough for women who are considering pregnancy or who are already pregnant.

The first half of the book contains women's personal stories of childbirth and encompass all situations from the completely natural to requiring all sorts of intervention. There are stories of hospital births as well as home births. Truthfully, this was my favourite section of the book, and I will be reading it again.

The second part of the book goes through everything you need to know about childbirth and covers what to expect in the hospital and how to have a natural birth in a hospital. It was very informative and I wish I had read this before I signed my birthing plan with my hospital. 

Because I read this book, I will be going through my birthing plan again and probably refusing a few of the items the hospital does. I am also seriously considering hiring a doula to help me with labor/birth. My husband is going to be there for me, but I feel we will both have a better experience if we have that positive coaching and a person who is on our side and able to explain what the doctors want to do.

Final Notes

I am excited to say that last week was my last shift at my day job. Besides a few quick work obligations over 3 or 4 days in the next month, I have 2.5 months to prepare for baby and be on my own. I am very excited that I have this opportunity, because I know that when little B arrives (s)he will get all my attention and I will be hard pressed to even find time to myself for a shower. 

This also means I will have more time to give to you, my readers. I know the blog has been a little thin on content over the month of May. Expect that to change in the very near future.

Love and Happiness,

Krystal Bernier, Holistic Nutritionist

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